Credit: HBO Photo: STILL: Eric and Sookie Kiss in 4.05

Well, we all know what’s at the top of the list this week: the biggest OMFG in True Blood history, aka Eric and Sookie’s first kiss! Everything else pales in comparison, but we’ve still rounded up 5 jaw-dropping moments from episode 4.5, “Me And The Devil” to get your blood pumping!

1. Eric and Sookie Kiss!

No words can describe Sookie and Eric’s passionate first kiss. It was one part epic, one part sexy and about 1,000 parts adorable. And the fact that Eric was wearing a sleeveless hoodie and basketball shorts only made it that more much ah-mazing. We wish we could re-play the moment over and over again. Oh wait, we can.

2. Oh My Godric!

Oh, how we’ve missed Godric and his 2,000 year old charm. Of course, we preferred the good old days when he was — you know — alive, but we’ll take what we can get. It was downright inspiring when Godric hoped into Eric’s dreams and stroked Sookie’s thigh. Here’s to hoping Eric will have sleepless nights more often!

3. Tommy kills his parents!

Credit: HBO Photo: STILL: Sam and Tommy dumping their parents bodies in 4.05

Tommy took rebelling against his parentals to a whole new level when he fed them to a bunch of alligators. We knew this pup had issues, but murder? Oh well, it must run in the family. Yeah, we’re looking at you, Sam.

4. Jessica pounces Jason!

So far, they’re only together in fantasy land, but does anyone else thing Jessica and Jason make a cute couple? They’re sexy time was adorable, minus that whole part where Hoyt was watching. Jess and Jason are both so hot, it would just be wrong if they didn’t join forces in the sack.

5. Google is run by vampires!

We’re not really sure this jives with Google’s official motto: “Don’t Be Evil.” Just saying.

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