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Uhm, can we please take a moment to discuss how creeptastic The Authority are? Instead of conducting meetings like a normal group of vampires (in a sex chamber, obviously), they drank from Roman's blood and chanted about "Vampyrs"  in some random foreign tongue.

We only speak Swedish and The Language of Love, but luckily there were subtitles and it turns out everyone was praying to Lilith — the ancient lady vamp who was made in God's form.

As Roman and his minions prayed to Lils, they bent down on one knee and turned their attention to a gigantic set of carved wooden doors, and we're dying to know what's behind them! Any theories, truebies?

It's possible that The Authority just love themselves some carefully crafted mahogany, but we have a sneaky feeling that something's lurking behind those doors, and it's time to place your bets!

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