Sookie's Tinkerbell ancestors are some of the most confusing peeps on True Blood.

They popped up last season when the Sookster took a year-long trip to Fairy Land, and after an episode of light fruit, tutus and lava, they were never heard from again. Until now.

Turns out our winged friends love podunk women's clothing stores, and this week, Jessica spied a man-fairy buying dresses for no explicable reason. Then said fairy drove off into a field and seemingly evaporated into thin air.

So, what's the deal? Was this fairy boy just expressing a healthy interest in women's clothing, or was he buying sexy outfits for his tutu-wearing sister-wives?

More importantly, we're dying to find out what the fairies have up their sleeves. We already know their secret (they're goblin people who want to "harvest humans"), but last time we checked in on Fairy Land it was crumbling and ruined.

Have the fairies moved to a new alternate universe with Queen Mab where they dress up in vaguely slutty sleeveless rompers, or is there more to this shopping spree than meets the eye?

Either way, we have a feeling that fairies are about to make their triumphant return, which means we better buy some dental floss. Those teeth!

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