Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO Photo: Eric and Bill Team Up in Season 4, Episode 11: "Soul of Fire"

In preparation for True Blood's much-anticipated summer premier, we’ve trolled the internet to find the hottest fan fic that Truebies have to offer.

"Steam" by ammonite7 is a poetic tale of sexciting passion between Bill and Eric. That’s right, all your fanbanging dreams are about to come true ... in a bathtub. 

“Steam” begins with Eric taunting Bill and ends will Bill popping a fang-erection (nothing new there).  Let your imagination run wild — or just check out a tasty morsel right now:

Memory is palpable in the fire that courses his flesh like warm, fresh blood. A hungry mouth ghosts his hair, the shell of his ear, the throat he can’t help exposing by dropping his head to the right, opening his lips and closing his eyes. It is everything to push one word from his mouth, barely utter it, nearly a plea. “No.” Said as his fangs leap uncontrollably forward. As Eric’s ivory blades caress the pale skin without a tear, rendering shivers only.

Covered with goosebumps? Join the club. If you’re itching for more Billric action, click here to continue the fairy tale!

Source: True Blood Wiki

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