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Things we can count on in this world: pizza, reality TV, and the fact that True Blood will always deliver the sexy good times.

It's a well-known fact that HBO is the go-to network for X-rated sex and full-frontal nudity, but this season of True Blood has been sorely lacking in the hanky panky.

Sure, Eric had sex with his sister, but that's pretty much the only fangbanging that's gone down in a whopping seven episodes. And no, we are not counting Bill and Salome's dry-humping session (horrifying), nor are we counting that one time Sookie threw up all over Alcide's six-pack.

What happened to the good ol' days when a completely naked Eric would wander around Narnia having sex on polar bear pelts? And remember that lovely time Bill and Sookie strangled each other while covered in blood? Sigh, we long for the days before Jason morphed into a born-again virgin.

Do you think True Blood has featured enough sex during Season 5, or should they kick the T&A up a notch?

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