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Although Sookie chose to be alone in True Blood Season 5, she still shares a connection with both Eric and Bill. And in the finale, she was drawn to one vamp in particular …

“It’s really fun and interesting that Sookie’s fear is what draws Eric there [to Russell],” Season 5 finale director Michael Lehmann noted in HBO’s Inside the Episode. “That’s kind of a great moment, and that Eric comes in and completely surprises Russell in his moment of glory.”

Russell’s death was highly anticipated, but it is also one that show creator (and outgoing Showrunner) Alan Ball thinks may have been the reason Eric originally decided to be a vampire.

“In a way, I’ve always thought that when Godric presented Eric with the chance of becoming a vampire, somewhere in the back of Eric’s mind he was thinking, ‘OK. Maybe I’ll be able to get that guy who killed my family,’” Alan spilled.

But now that Eric has achieved “blood vengeance,” he has another problem to tackle: Billith. While Michael notes that it’s “pretty clear where Eric is emotionally and where he stands,” he’s interested in where Sookie, who has “always been at the center of everything,” will go. And Alan thinks the faerie has the most to worry about.

“I think that last moment, when Bill drinks the blood, is a gigantic challenge for Sookie,” Alan said. “Because for all intents and purposes, she sees him die, and then be reborn as something alien and terrifying.”

There may be a lot of questions standing, but Alan teased that “there are things that we planted that are going to mean a lot next year,” including, but not limited to Warlow.

So many questions, so few answers. You can watch the rest of HBO’s Inside the Episode below, and then tell us what you’re most excited about in Season 6 in the comments!

Source: HBO

Credit: YouTube Photo: Alan Ball and Michael Lehmann Go Inside the True Blood Season 5 Finale (VIDEO)