Credit: HBO Photo: Billith (Bill Compton) in True Blood Season 5, Episode 12: "Save Yourself"

Get ready to set your DVRs, Truebies, unless you want to suffer the “true death” of missing the premiere of one of your favorite shows!

HBO has trumpeted that True Blood will return for Season 6 on June 16, 2013. That means we only have 79 days until we learn what kind of havoc “Bilith” will wreak (and if he’ll ever be able to wash that layer of blood of his body). 79 days until we see Jason go on the hunt for Warlow. 79 days until we discover what Luna’s accidental shift on live TV means for the shifter community. 79 days until we find out what Alcide is like as master of his wolfpack. 79 days until we get more of that sweet Pam-Tara romance!

Or, for those of you who haven’t been “turned,” you have 79 days to watch the 60 episodes aired so far — no hard task! (And we sorta envy you the mission.)

Source: HBO via