Credit: HBO

True Blood Season 5 ended with some pretty alarming threats against vampire-kind, as extremists seemed hell bent on eradicating the “fangers.”

In this True Blood Season 6 “Waiting Sucks” preview, Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) learns of a new threat against the vampires while interrogating a loose-lipped suspect. Holed up in an empty-looking Fangtasia, Eric sits down to chat calmly with the female captive.

“Now, you mentioned something about experiments,” he says to a young woman dressed in a silky robe and matching nightdress.

“The vampire they’re arresting, they’re not taking them to jail,” she responds, a hint of fear in her voice. “They’re studying ya’ll. Your biology, your psychology, your physiology — it’s sick!”

His interest clearly piqued, Eric asks, “And where might I find this facility?”

When she hesitates to answer, Eric has no choice but to bring out the fangs. Something tells us this girl won’t make it out alive without coughing up an answer!

It seems pretty clear Eric is dealing with a human (no need for fangs with most supernatural beings), so where is Sookie and her mind-reading powers when you need them? And what’s the deal with vampires being “experimented” upon? We can’t imagine this bodes well for Eric or any other vamp in Bon Temps.

Watch the clip below, and let us know what your thoughts are on vampire-geddon in True Blood Season 6!


Credit: HBO Photo: Eric Discovers a New Threat in True Blood Season 6 Preview