Credit: HBO

True Blood’s Godric served as Eric Northman’s moral compass in both life and death, but since Lilith ripped his head off, we don’t know how much advice he can give now.

While this version of Godric was a vision rather than a physical being, both Eric and Nora could see him at Authority headquarters. Since he wasn’t staked, instead just exploding after his head was yanked off, there is a chance that he could return to the siblings in Season 6.

However, we're guessing that a pile of guts can't give very good advice, and now that Lilith is “gone,” with Bill presumably replacing her after he guzzled her blood, who knows what will happen to those she killed.

In order to
defeat Billith — if that is the path they choose to take — then they will need the strength of a powerful, wise vamp like their maker to guide them along.

What do you think, Truebies? Will Godric return or is he gone for good? Weigh in below!