On True Blood Season 5, Alcide was all over the place. He helped his least favorite people, Eric and Bill, find Russell Edgington; he fought and took down V-addicted JD; and in the end, he rose to power as the new wolf pack leader. Suffice to say, he had a busy year.

But this exciting season and new role brought out a different side of Alcide: a V-drinking, crazed version of our favorite werewolf.

“He is a metaphor for man’s ballistic nature. I always go back to Fight Club when I think about [Alcide],” portrayer Joe Manganiello told Remix in their spring/summer issue. We’re descended from hundreds of thousands of years of hunters and now we shop at the grocery store … there is a repression of that primal energy.”

And as that energy comes out, he thinks that Alcide feels like a “reluctant hero,” not necessarily wanting to tackle vamps, supes, and V-addicted werewolves.

“He doesn’t want to use his ability, but is forced to and painted into corners where he has no choice but to let it out,” he continued. “As his power grew, it became taxing on him psychologically because it’s scary to try and harness that kind of power.”

And though he may be scared, Joe understands that Alcide’s new role as pack leader will shape up in True Blood Season 6.

“He wanted no part of it because he has seen the negative side of power,” he admitted. “I think it’s his challenge to find the positive in it, or you hope somebody winds up in his path that helps him to see it.”

Do you think Alcide will be able to handle his new, powerful role in Season 6? Weigh in below!

Source: Remix