Raise your hand if you just watch True Blood for the sex. Thought so! Bon Temps locals might be a group of incest-lovin’ hillbillies with bad fashion, but they know how to get down and dirty with the rest of ‘em.

If minor details like “plot” aren’t your style, we’ve recapped the three sex scenes from season 4, episode 9: "Let's Get Out of Here!" for you to drool over!

1. Double The Pleasure, Double The Fun!

Credit: HBO Photo: STILL: Sookie gets bitten by Eric and Bill in 4.09

What’s better than having sex with one vampire? Having sex with two vampires who are both wearing leather and happen to be royalty. Kate Middleton is so jealous right now.

2. Sam and Luna Consummate It!

Credit: HBO Photo: STILL: Sam and Luna have sex in a tent in 4.09

We imagine that Sam and Luna put Emma to bed and said, “This might be awkward considering that you’re like, ten, but if the tent is a rockin’ don’t come a knockin.’”

3. Jessica and Jason F*** In A Truck

Credit: HBO Photo: STILL: Jason and Jessica have sex in a truck in 4.09

Let’s just hope Jessica doesn’t get turned on by that yonder chainsaw and try to hack Jason into a million pieces during their fang bang.

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