Credit: Kevin Winter/Staff Photo: Alan Ball and Anna Paquin at the True Blood Season 4 Premiere

Change bites!

We knew True Blood's true head vampire, Alan Ball, had two new projects in the works and was not planning to lead Truebies after Season 5 (which starts June 10), but now it feels real. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Tuesday that Alan will be passing the showrunner baton to Mark Hudis for Season 6. If there even is a Season 6.

According to THR, Mark has served as a True Blood co-executive producer for two seasons and he'll be promoted to executive producer and showrunner if the series is renewed. "The promotion comes as part of a two-year agreement to head the day-to-day operations of the production and also includes possible new series development."

New series? Like, part of the True Blood world or other HBO series?

Anyway, never fear, Alan Ball still plans to continue with True Blood as an executive producer. He just won't have as much time for us anymore.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter