If you can’t wait until Sunday night's all-new episode of True Blood, check out a fangtastic sneak peek of Season 5, Episode 7: “In The Beginning” with Wetpaint Entertainment’s super spoiler roundup!

1. Tara's Mom Shows Up For a Visit

Tara's mom visits Fangtasia in the promo for this week's episode, but actress Adina Porter tells E! Online their meeting might not take place in the present.

"With True Blood you never know how I'm coming back because there are flashbacks," she teases. "There are flashbacks, there's the future … a person can appear in many different ways." Read more here!

2. Vampires Go on an Acid-Like Trip!

Denis O'Hare teases that in episode 7, "we have a really freaky scene where you see vampires behaving in ways they don't normally behave." In fact, Denis describes their behavior as "an acid trip!" Click here to find out more.

3. We'll Meet a Slew of New Characters!

Expect to meet a Black Ops Vamp, a trashy vampire hater, a hillbilly bride and her mother-in-law, and a foreboding security guard! Click here to learn more about their characters.

4. Is Joe Bob the Vampire Hunter Killing Supes?

Supe-Killers are popping people full of bullets like its their job, and this tasty spoiler about Joe Bob might have something to do with it...click here to find out the scoop!

5. Check Out the Promo For Episode 7!

Next time on True Blood ... Salome's true loyalties are revealed; Sam's sense of smell comes in handy; Alcide prepares for a fight and Sookie embraces her human side. Watch here!

6. Russell Wreaks Havoc on The Authority!

Russell Edgington is a free man, and he's wreaking havoc on The Authority! But who's helping him? We know he can't be working alone … Check out the clip here!

7. Sam Sniffs Around For Shifter-Killers

Sam follows his nose and finds a key piece of evidence in the recent string of anti-supernatural shootings. Check out the clip here!

8. Sookie Runs Out of Fairy Juice

Sookie admits she's been feeling a little "off her game" lately, and a fellow fairy drops some seriously disturbing information. Check out the clip here!

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