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Poor Pam. Last we saw the wisecrackin' vamp, she was crying blood after getting banished by her maker, Eric Northman

In the season 5 premiere, Pam is still not in Eric's good graces, Kristin Bauer van Straten reveals to Entertainment Weekly.

"Things may get a little better and then they may get a little worse. It’s a roller coaster," she says. "The great thing for me this year was to find out the many layers of that relationship.

A series of flashbacks will show Pam before she was turned, and how she was turned, by Eric.

"You get to see why she is the way she is, why this is the one person for her, why she’s so unsympathetic, and what her life as a human was," Kristin says. "It also explains why she’s the least apologetic of the vampires."

Being on the outs with Eric pushes Pam "into a situation not of her choosing."

"She has to make a bargain to get something that she really wants," Kristin teases. "She’s in a situation that creates a lot of conflict, which is really great writing and really fun to watch and really fun to play. It’s quite a ride this year."

As for a catfight between Pam and Sookie, all she would say is, "It’s highly possible."

Who wouldn't pay to see that go down?!

Source: EW

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