Long before the Obama masks of True Blood Season 5, Jason Stackhouse danced around in just a scary mask and his tighty-whities for Lafayette’s video camera in order to score some V.

Although we are thankful that Jason isn’t addicted to drugs anymore, we do miss seeing him shirtless. And on that note, we also miss him not being a crazy vampire killer, but hopefully in Season 6, he’ll be only seeking out Warlow and not using the visions of his parents to go on a killing spree.

But since we have to wait a grueling eight True Blood-less months, we’re holding a throwback Thursday. Check out the video of Jason shaking what his mama gave him in Season 3 below, and then share some of your favorite scenes with us in the comments!

Credit: YouTube Photo: Jason Stackhouse Is Nearly Naked While Dancing in True Blood Season 3! (VIDEO)