Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Photo: Alexander Skarsgard Is Always Sexy

We've all done some crazy things for love but Alexander Skarsgård, who plays vampire Eric Northman on True Blood, dropped out of college and moved to a different country for it!

On the talk show Live With Kelly and Michael this morning, Alexander, who was born and raised in Stockholm, admits that after moving to New York City to attend Marymount for college, he couldn't stand being away from his girlfriend back in Stockholm.

“I’m a dropout," he reluctantly admits, "[Marymount]’s an amazing school, I loved it, it was just tough... I met a girl in Stockholm like two weeks before moving to New York, and it was not easy. new York is an amazing city, it’s one of the most amazing cities in the world, but it’s also very tough if you’re in love with someone 5,000 miles away.”

Two weeks! Alexander must have been head-over-heels in young love. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out:  “I decided to move back to Stockholm after a semester and got off the plane, and the relationship lasted about 14 minutes.”

At that point, Kelly Ripa hands co-host Michael Strahan a tissue. It's just too much!

“I still haven’t gotten over it, clearly,” jokes Alexander, to which Kelly dug back, "You should go on a talk show and like, get it all out!"

Yes, it's kind of cute, but dropping out of college is also kind of a silly thing to do for a two-week relationship. But hey, things worked out for Alexander he has a successful career and an honorary doctorate from Leeds Metropolitan University. So all's well that ends well! 

Credit: PopSugar Photo: Alexander Skarsgard Dropped Out of School For a Girl!