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Fiery redhead Arlene Fowler is hardly ever seen out of her Merlotte’s uniform on True Blood , but portrayer Carrie Preston doesn’t mind stripping down.

In new photos from her interview with All Things Girl, Carrie rocks a nude-colored wrap-top jumpsuit with a plunging neckline and suede maroon platform pumps, striking a gorgeous pose!

Credit: Shawn Flint Blair via All Things Girl Photo: Carrie Preston Nude! Is Her Jumpsuit Hot or Not?

With her vibrant hair more auburn than red, she is more naturally glamorous than her character. However, we don’t know what we’d do if Arlene didn’t cake on her makeup — she might be unrecognizable!

In fact, Carrie told the e-zine that she “definitely transforms” on True Blood, with “the red hair, the fake tan, fake nails, caked makeup, enhanced bust line, high heels, and tight clothes.”

Do you think Carrie’s look is hot or not? And with that said, do you prefer it to Arlene’s style? Tell us below!

SourceAll Things Girl

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