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True Blood actress Lauren Bowles recently dished to TV Fanatic about shooting her character's first naked sex scene with Sheriff Andy Bellefleur, played by Chris Bauer.

It was their first day back at work on Season 5, and they were immediately told to strip down to their birthday suits and hop in the sack together. And to make matters worse, all Chris could wear over his man-part was a teeny tiny sock!

"What was so funny, I mean [Bauer] literally had to do the heavy lifting on the naked part, he was doing the full package; the poor man literally had a sock on and that was it," Lauren confessed.

"And in between takes we're just shooting the sh*t, talking about kids and stuff. It was the most normal thing in the world to be naked in bed with your co-worker and talk about your kids. Bucky [Writer and Co-Executive Producer Brian Buckner] was like 'This a new kind of post coital!'"

And you thought your job was awkward!

Source: TV Fanatic

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