Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO Photo: Bill & Eric Staredown from Season 2

Forget Team Edward and Team Jacob; the only vampire rivals who really matter are True Blood’s Eric Northman and Bill Compton. These toothy studs are both total hotties, but who would you rather have sucking the blood out of your upper thigh? It’s a question for the ages!

Eric totally has that bad-boy “I lock ladies in my basement” thing going on. He’s sarcastic, rude, ripped, and honestly — who can resist that weird Viking language? We don’t know what’s more sexy — Eric with long blond hair dressed up in chain metal, or Eric with frosted tips wearing a tank top and leather pants. What we do know is that he is our imaginary boyfriend for life.

And then there’s Bill — the original Bon Temps vamp. Sure, he’s a little on the possessive side and he’s not exactly “hip,” but the dude knows how to emerge from the dirt and sex a girl, that’s for sure. No offense to Eric, but it’s hard to imagine that anything could top the bloody fang-bangs that Sookie and Bill partake in. Plus, his deep and sincere love for “Sookeh” has our hearts melting!

So, who’s it going to be, Truebies?