Alcide’s werewolf-girlfriend Debbie Pelt raised a lot of hell in Bon Temps before ending up at the business side of a shotgun in the hands of Sookie in True Blood’s Season 4 finale, including blowing a huge hole in Tara’s head. Good thing Pam was nearby to administer her own vampire-brand of medicine.

But was she evil at heart? Or just misunderstood? Brit Morgan, Debbie’s real-life alter-ego, gave Dread Central her answer to that very question as she promoted her new movie, The Frozen.

“I loved Debbie — I never saw her as a villain at all,” she said. “She had a lot of problems, but everything she did was always out of her love for Alcide. Debbie was a lost soul, and I think, as an actor, if you ever start to judge your character, then you lose authenticity. You have to love them unconditionally because that's the only way you can play things honestly as a performer.

“Plus, people do crazy things out of love,” she added, laughing, “which I think is something we all can relate to.”

Uh, we plead the Fifth on that last point.

Source: Dread Central