No, True Blood power couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer aren’t getting into the hospitality business: The Pink Hotel is the name of a novel the dynamic duo has “optioned” through their production company — Tinseltown-speak for acquiring the rights to the story’s film adaptation.

The novel, the second by British writer Anna Stothard, tracks an unnamed teenage narrator as she flies from the UK to LA to attend the funeral of a hotel proprietress, who happens to be her long-estranged mother.

As the hotel’s inhabitants honor the late matriarch’s legacy with a raucous soiree, the girl absconds with a suitcase full of mementos from the people of her mother’s life and then visits the person connected to each item to plumb the depths of her mother’s secrets.

Sounds like a helluva story, right? It was even considered for the Women’s Prize for Fiction last year. The Paquin-Moyer dream team obvious has a knack for finding talent.

And hey, Anna is still youthful-looking enough to play a 17-year-old... right?

Source: The Millions