Credit: Jason Merritt, Getty Images Photo: Nelsan Ellis Arrives at True Blood Season 5 Premiere Party

Bon Temps' resident brujo, Lafayette Reynolds, is guilty of many things, including accidentally murdering his boyfriend, pouring bleach into the shrimp gumbo, and hijacking Sookie's yellow Honda.

But according to actor Nelsan Ellis, his biggest sin isn't one of the aforementioned illegal activities.

"Gluttony," the True Blood star reveals. "He just wants and wants and wants."

But it's not delicious Merlotte's food that Nelsan's talking about. Turns out, our little LaLa is addicted to the finer things in the life. 

"Being a hustler, you have these hustles because you want stuff," Nelsan explains. "You want money, you want sex, materials, and you don’t want to have a regular job to be what you do to get that. Lafayette just wants sh** and he figures out ways to get it."

Here's hoping he figures out a way to stop turning into a hideous witch monster every time his testosterone levels rise.

Source: Bullet