Credit: HBO Photo: Russell Edgington in Season 3 of True Blood

Ever since we saw the hole in the cement that once trapped Russell Edgington in the True Blood season 4 finale, we've been dying to know the whereabouts of the once (and future?) vampire king. 

But we might have to wait awhile before finding out where Russell is — or how he's faring. In fact, we may not see a glimpse of his fangs until midway through season 5!

"I’m not going to come back to True Blood until mid-March," Denis O'Hare reveald to Sci Fi Now magazine. (Season 5 began filming in late November.) 

"I had a meeting with Alan Ball last week, and they have devised an amazing trick to allow me to be present, but not fully acting."

Wha? Huh? What in Bon Temps can that mean? Is Russell, after being encased so long, turned into some sort of mummy, able to speak but not move? Or perhaps he will be issuing more rants via television appearances or even the Internet.

Russell Edgington, vampire blogger?

Source: Sci Fi Now magazine

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