We spend our days and nights thinking about Joe Manganiello’s body, but the sexy True Blood werewolf sadly isn’t dreaming about us.

When asked which famous person’s body he would like to “experience one week inside of,” Joe was cryptic, but very sexual.

“She knows who she is …” he told Vanity Fair. And when they asked what part of his or her body he would choose, he slyly responded, “She knows which part …”

Whoa there! Maybe they should have called it Magic Joe instead of Magic Mike. We’re sure he’d have no problem coaxing any celeb into a body swap — or into his bed.

And on that note, Joe also divulged what he wears to sleep at night, albeit with a slight caveat.

“Depends on who I’m with …” he trailed off, again being cryptically sexy.

In the hand-written questionnaire, he scribbled out his long, original answer, which we imagine said something along the lines of, “I don’t wear clothes to bed. I’m always naked.”

What do you think of Joe’s sexy answers? Tell us below!

Source: Vanity Fair

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