Credit: HBO

Have you heard the good news? Our favorite psychotic murderer / fashion guru, Russell Edgington, has been unearthed from his parking lot grave!

Russell was buried in cement by Eric and Bill at the end of True Blood season 4, and they expected him to stay underground for a few decades at the least. So what's he doing wandering around Bon Temps? You guessed it, someone dug him up.

In the extended preview for season 5, Eric accuses Pam of freeing Russell, but she insists she isn't the culprit. So, who is?

The only people who know about Russell's tomb are Eric, Bill, Alcide, Pam, and Sookie, and none of them would want this deranged vamp wandering around town.

We'll rule out Sookie, since she is shocked that he is even alive. But anyone else could have a motive for doing it.


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