Credit: HBO Photo: Bill, Eric, and Nora in Season 5

Alan Ball giveth, and Alan Ball taketh away. We're only five episodes into this season of True Blood, and both Sam and Luna have already been popped full of bullets by a bunch of weirdos in Obama masks. Oh em truebie, who's next?!

Last year, Bon Temps's Grim Reaper killed off pretty much half the cast, so we expect at least five more deaths before the season is over. And did you check out the promo for this Sunday's episode? Hoyt is covered in blood and goo, which makes us think a vampire met the True Death all over his cut-off vest. Yikes!

We love each and every one of Bon Temps supernatural populace, but there's no getting around it: Lives will be taken. If you could decide which True Blood character is killed off next, who would you pick? And no, Eric's name will not be included in the poll. Don't even go there