Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO Photo: Who's The Hotter Redhead?

Jessica and Arlene both rock fiery red locks, but whose hair totally kills it?

Before you immediately vote for Jessica, know this: Her red hair is just as fake as Arlene’s. Yep, Deborah Ann Woll has admitted that she’s a natural blonde — she just happens to buy a slightly more up-market brand of hair dye than her home girl Arlene, who’s obviously sporting a vibrant shade of “tacky.”

Just because Jessica is younger than Arlene, it doesn’t necessarily make her hotter. Arlene works a pair of booty shorts like whoa. And while Jessica might have that whole “I’m a sexy vamp” thing going on, Arlene has an evil baby growing in her uterus. Totally hot, right?

We’ll leave the final vote up to you!