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Alcide and Sookie are one eye-sexing session away from making sweet love all over the cemetery, but there's just one small issue.

Sookie killed Alcide's ex-girlfriend in cold blood, and she hasn't told him yet. No biggie, right guys?

Sookie seems worried that Alcide will have one of his signature grunting fits when he hears the news, but honestly, we don't know what the problem is.

There isn't one hillbilly left in Bon Temps who hasn't murdered someone, and Alcide just throat-punched Marcus to death. Who is he to judge?

Furthermore, Alcide and Debbie were broken up at the time Sookie killed her, so really Deb was fair game. Double furthermore, it was kinda, sorta in self defense.

We don't know whether or not Alcide and his eight-pack will forgive the Sookster when she comes clean, but we're all in favor of them starting a new, sexy leaf!