Alcide is one of the most normal, good-natured supernatural beings in all of Bon Temps. Although he has maimed and murdered in the past, it was always to protect the ones he loves. If there is a heaven, you can be sure that's where this dog is ultimately going.

Unless, of course, he turns to the dark side …

According to actor Joe Manganiello, it's only a matter of time before Alcide deviates from the straight and narrow. In fact, there is a definite "line that gets crossed" at some point this season.

"Towards the end of the season you will definitely see that," he told After Elton, "but I think it is done in a very interesting way, let’s just say that. It is done in a way that made me very excited when I read it."

We can't wait to see a more rough and tumble side of his personality. Nice guys always finish last, and Alcide deserves to lead the pack!

Source: After Elton