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In the five seasons that True Blood has been on, we’ve never seen Pam in a relationship. Sure, she’s had her chained-up hookups and go-to girls, but nothing serious.
Although technically Tara is now Pam’s daughter, we couldn’t help but wonder — will Pam and Tara hook up? Kristin Bauer van Straten is just as curious as we are.
“I’m wondering with everybody else because I think, ‘Well, Pam is gay; Tara is gay … ’” Kristin told Elle. “Last year people were asking about it, but I don't know.”
She did, however, comment on Pam’s slight motherly instincts coming out, which makes us think a hookup isn’t in the cards for the new duo.
“You know she has a soft inner side, and she’s only ever had it for Eric, but we’ll see,” Kristin explained. “We’re seeing a slightly maternal side come out with Tara.”
What do you think, Truebies? Should Pam and Tara hook up, or will it be as weird and incest-y as when Eric sexed up his sister, Nora? Weigh in below!
Source: Elle

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