Have you heard the news? Bill is "The Chosen One." We don't know what this means, but apparently it involves decapitating people, sucking on bloody fingers, and being generally evil. Also, Bill wants to kill all of our muggle friends, which is kind of a bummer.

But wait! Turns out Bill's bejeweled lover, Salome, is also "The Chosen One," which means Lilith is either super forgetful, or she's pitting these vampires against each other. Bill and Salome are currently doing the dirty, but we have a feeling their relationship will take a turn for the violent once they find out they're competing for Lilith's affection.

When Bill found out Kibwe was dubbed "The Chosen One," he flew into a tizzy and chopped his head off, so we can only imagine what will happen once he learns about Salome. Do you think these two will fight to the death in the name of Lilith, or will Bill realize he's being played? Tell us below!