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After years of reading people's minds and shooting mysterious light balls from her hands, Sookie Stackhouse just wants to be a normal girl, y'all — but will she get her wish?

In tonight's episode of True Blood, Bon Temps' tastiest lady learned from her fellow winged friends that half-fae power is finite. In other words, if she isn't careful with how and when she uses her magic, she could lose it.

While most supes would bemoan the impending loss of power, Sookie welcomes it with open arms — a reaction that would have been more surprising if the fairies hadn't revealed the truth about her parents' death. Add that to Lafayette calling her the "angel of death," and we understand completely why she's ready to relinquish her gift.

Plus, there's that whole other issue of hate crimes against supernaturals and 3,000-year-old vampires trying to suck your blood. It's not easy being fae!

What say you, loyal Truebies? Now that Sookie's aware of her magical mortality, will she commit fairy suicide?

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