Credit: Lindsay Dreyer/Wetpaint Entertainment Photo: True Blood's Michael McMillian at Comic-Con 2012

Steve Newlin made a fangtastic return to True Blood on July 22, both partying with the remaining Authority and awkwardly trying to snuggle up to Russell Edgington.

But there’s much more ahead for the “young, horny vampire,” portrayer Michael McMillian told Hollywood Life — including a curious turn of events with Jason and Steve.

There will be more Jason and Steve in the second half of the season,” Michael promised. “And I think where the story goes is going to be really surprising.”

Unfortunately, that story does not include the reveal of the “gay vampire American’s” maker — that fact is still deep underground in Spoilerland.

“I think viewers need to not hold their breath,” Mike said, adding, “I’ve been told who it is, but it might be awhile before viewers find out.”

For now, Mike would only hint that “Steve’s love life plays a prominent part of the season throughout.” But will that include another encounter with a naked Jason Stackhouse? Only time will tell!

There is, however, something a bit juicier on the horizon — Steve’s motives (other than a need to dance.)

“He’s OK with taking orders right now, but he’s a survivalist,” Mike teased. “Where his real allegiance lies is still a bit of a mystery.”

Source: Hollywood Life

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