Credit: HBO Photo: Tara Bares Her Fangs as a New Vampire

How many times can one girl die, right? On True Blood ... a lot!

First, Tara was shot in the head by Debbie, then she was resurrected like our homeboy Jesus (we mean that in more ways than one), and now she's turned into a suicidal version of The Tanning Mom.

There's no doubt that Tara is "completely and utterly f***tarded" (to quote Pam), so it's slightly hard to know what's going through her brain. 

But she seems pretty traumatized about her new fangs, and now she's trying to fry herself to death with some ultraviolet lights.

Sigh. We have a feeling Tara's deranged life will be saved by either Pam, Sookie or Lafayette, but is it possible that she'll actually commit vampicide?

Now, that would be a first!