True Blood

Holly Cleary

Played by: Lauren Bowles
Occupation: Waitress at Merlotte’s
Species: Human/Witch

Who is Holly Cleary?

Holly is a divorced and a single mother of two who was raped years ago and now works as a waitress at Merlotte’s. She lives a holistic Wiccan lifestyle, and although Holly doesn't believe in using magic to do harm, she did offer to help Arlene Fowler Bellefleur terminate her pregnancy with an herbal potion and spell.

Holly initially joined Tara Thornton (Rutina Wesley) in Marnie Stonebrook’s coven, but quickly ascertained that Marnie was not in her right mind and cast a spell so they could escape. She then created a barrier (with the help of both Sookie and Tara’s energy) that repelled a possessed Lafayette, proving she can hold her own against the supernaturals of Bon Temps.

After hooking up casually a few times, the level-headed waitress started a serious relationship with Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer), much to the disappointment of her two teenage sons, who posted a naked photo of Andy on Facebook in order to humiliate him. Undeterred, Holly scolded her boys and accepted Andy’s offer to be her steady with a smile.

Her happiness was interrupted, however, by the appearance of pregnant faery Maurella, who arrived at Merlotte’s in labor, announced that Andy was the father, and delivered hybrid quadruplets -- then sashayed out the door telling Andy it was his job to raise them. Only time will tell if Holly’s love for Andy will sway her to stay with him and help!

What’s in store for Holly Cleary in True Blood Season 6? Join us all season long right here at Wetpaint for all the latest True Blood spoilers, news, gossip and more!

- Wetpaint Entertainment Staff, Amie Simon

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