True Blood

Nora Gainsborough

Played by: Lucy Griffiths
Occupation: Former Authority Chancellor/Sanguinista Believer
Species: Vampire

Who is Nora Gainsborough?

Nora is a centuries-old vampire who was also sired by Eric Northman’s maker, Godric. She has a very close relationship with blonde Viking, referring to herself as his “sister” -- although based on the amount of sex they engaged in when Nora rescued Eric and Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) from The Vampire Authority, their relationship is incestuous.

An Authority defector, Nora was captured and tortured by Guardian Roman Zimonjic and Salome Agrippa for her Sanguinista beliefs. Once Salome revealed her true plan to turn the Authority into a religious sect with Russell Edgington as its leader, Nora was set free and drank Lilith’s sacred blood with the rest of the vampires.

Nora’s belief in Lilith was unshakeable until she saw the spirit of the evil Vampire Goddess destroy Godric in a blood-induced hallucination, at which point she reconnected with Eric and escaped with him. While out, she almost drained Sookie after tasting her blood, but Eric intervened and the three of them returned to the Authority to try and defeat Salome and Bill.

Will she make it out of the carnage that’s about to ensue? And more importantly, will she stand in the way of Eric and Sookie reuniting?

What’s in store for Nora Gainsborough in True Blood Season 6? Join us all season long right here at Wetpaint for all the latest True Blood spoilers, news, gossip and more!

- Wetpaint Entertainment Staff, Amie Simon

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