True Blood

Pamela Swynford De Beaufort

Played by: Kristin Bauer
Occupation: Co-owner of Fangtasia
Species: Vampire

Who is Pamela Swynford De Beaufort?

Queen of snarky one-liners, Fangtasia co-owner Pamela Swynford de Beaufort has no love for humans. She especially doesn’t understand why her maker Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) is obsessed with “gash in a sundress” Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Pacquin), and doesn’t believe Sookie’s half-fairy blood makes her anything special.

Pam was a San Francisco Madame in 1905 who was saved by Eric from a serial killer targeting prostitutes. Eric intervened again when bloodthirsty couple Bill and Lorena were killing her employees. Unwilling to live without Eric, Pam forced him to make her a vampire by opening her veins and demanding he either turn her or let her die.

The two have been inseparable for over a century, with Pam performing tasks at Eric’s bequest. Their mutual affection is clear; at one point Eric set Pam free so she would be safe from the threat of the Vampire Authority -- which she hated him for, naturally.

When Marnie Stonebrook cursed Eric into losing his memory, an enraged Pam confronted her, causing Marnie to curse her in turn with rotting flesh. The spell was reversed later, restoring Pam’s face to perfection. Pam later joined Eric and Bill in an assault on the witch’s coven and was saved, ironically, by Sookie.

Pam reluctantly agreed to help Sookie by turning Tara Thornton into a vampire, making Sookie promise that she’d help Pam in return by repairing her relationship with Eric. But watching Tara’s vampire side blossom piqued Pam’s interest. She took the fall for a murder Tara committed and engaged the new vampire in a passionate kiss when rescued from the Authority. Could Tara be the one that replaces Eric in Pam’s cold, dead vampire heart?

What’s in store for Pamela Swynford de Beaufort in True Blood Season 6? Join us all season long right here at Wetpaint for all the latest True Blood spoilers, news, gossip and more!

- Wetpaint Entertainment Staff, Amie Simon

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