True Blood

Season 3 Episode 9

Title: Everything Is Broken
Air Date: August 15, 2010 at 9:00 PM PDT

With the ratification of the Vampire Rights Amendment at hand, Nan Flanagan detours to Fangtasia to confront Eric about the Magisterʼs disappearance. A grief-stricken Russell vows revenge against his foes, vampire and human. Awaking from a slumber, Bill uncovers the truth about Sookieʼs true identity. Jason gets unexpected help as he goes up against Felton and Calvin. Sam is distressed by Tommyʼs attitude; Tara encounters a new ally and an old tormentor; Hadley introduces Sookie to a new family member; Arlene despairs about her future; Hoyt confronts his true feelings.
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