True Blood

Steve Newlin

Played by: Michael McMillian
Occupation: Former Evangelist, Current Spokesperson for the American Vampire League
Species: Vampire

Who is Steve Newlin?

Steve Newlin is the former Reverend of The Fellowship of the Sun church, which Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) joined in an effort to find out his life’s calling. Steve’s cheerful, “aw shucks” demeanor was eventually revealed to be a mask for his true nature: an unstable vamp-hater intent on avenging his family’s murder by eradicating the vampire race.

Impressed with Jason’s devotion and unaware that his wife, Sarah, was sleeping with him Steve initially invited Jason to join his elite vampire army, then later made plans to kill him when he found out he was Sookie Stackhouse’s brother, believing him to be an undercover vampire sympathizer.

After Russell Edgington slaughtered a news anchorman on live TV, Steve found a renewed purpose and appeared on television several times, calling for the death of all vampires. AVL leader Nan Flanagan then revealed that Newlin was being investigated by the IRS and going through a divorce, and it was announced that Steve had gone missing.

The thought-to-be-dead Newlin reappeared as a “Proud Gay American Vampire”, and tried to glamour Jason into being his boyfriend, admitting he was in love with him the whole time. Foiled by Jessica Hamby, Steve made himself useful by becoming the new spokesperson for the AVL, finding solace in the arms of Russell. The new couple went on a murderous feast that was videotaped.

Now that skinwalker Luna Garza has masqueraded as Steve and announced his crimes against humanity on the air and Russell has been staked and killed by Eric Northman, it’s hard to tell what will become of Steve, who was last seen cowardly running off into the trees.

What’s in store for Steve Newlin True Blood Season 6? Join us all season long right here at Wetpaint for all the latest True Blood spoilers, news, gossip and more!

- Wetpaint Entertainment Staff, Amie Simon

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