True Blood

Tommy Mickens

Played by: Marshall Allman
Occupation: Former Waiter at Merlotte's
Species: Shapeshifter

Who is Tommy Mickens?

Tommy was Sam Merlotte's brother and also had the ability to shapeshift. He showed up in Bon Temps with his parents, Joe Lee and Melinda, who approached Sam for help with money. When Sam found out that Tommy’s father used him in dog fights in order to make money, he persuaded Tommy to leave his parents and stay with him.

Tommy also took a job at Merlotte's, and initially it appeared that Sam was a good influence on him, but that didn’t last long. Tommy soon showed his true colors by stealing money from the safe at Merlotte’s and mortally wounding Hoyt (who was healed by Jessica’s blood) by attacking him in dog form.

After Sam fired Tommy and kicked him out, Maxine Fortenberry stepped in to be a surrogate mom and guardian to the boy. Tommy then got into an altercation with his parents and killed his father, also accidentally killing his mom. These events allowed him to skinwalk, and he used his new ability first to transform into Sam and sleep with Luna Garza, and then later to change into Maxine, selling her land so he could gain a large sum of money.

Once Sam found out that Tommy slept with Luna, Tommy’s guilt got the better of him and he offered himself up to Marcus Bozeman’s werewolf pack by impersonating Sam and telling Marcus that he had been the one who slept with Luna. The pack nearly tore him to pieces before Alcide intervened, but it was too late Tommy died from his injuries in his brother’s arms.

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- Wetpaint Entertainment Staff, Amie Simon

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