Go Inside True Blood Season 6, Episode 2: Did Eric Blow It For the Vampires?

Credit: HBO

Who better to break down True Blood Season 6, Episode 2 than one of the show’s writers! Angela Robinson masterminded much of the second episode of Season 6, and she give viewers insight into how the latest installment figures into the overall direction of the season

She starts off by explaining how True Blood Season 6, Episode 2 lays out much of what we’ll see moving forward. Tara is attacked by a new police force in town with carrying some seriously dangerous weaponry. Eric later goes undercover to meet Governor Burrell, and their interplay sets the stage for a huge falling out between the vampires and humans.

“He set all these things in motion, and now the vampires are f**ked,” Angela says.

But the character who undergoes the biggest change is Bill, who spends the majority of the time in a catatonic state talking to Lilith. But at the same time, he learns a lot about what his purpose will be in Season 6.

Angela mentions Jessica’s prayer at the end of the episode was a last minute addition. She called Jessica the “dramatic glue” and “most human” vampire on the show, and it was a way to touch on each characters’ conflicts this season.

Watch all of Angela’s commentary to hear more insights about True Blood Season 6, Episode 2!

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