True Blood’s Missing Sex Scene: Kristin Bauer on Pam and Tara’s Hook Up
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True Blood

True Blood’s Missing Sex Scene: Kristin Bauer on Pam and Tara’s Hook Up

There have been references on True Blood Season 6 to the Pam and Tara sex scene but, since we’ve only seen them share that passionate kiss, we’ve all been kind of wondering what we’re missing. Surprisingly, Kristin Bauer van Straten, who plays Pam, is just as confused!

As she revealed to Vulture in an interview recently, “There have been many different revisions and different scripts, and there was a time where there was a version of a script where we did see more of that...When would they have had time to do this? Before storming the Authority? I remember when I said, ‘We drank a bitch together, that doesn’t make us Oprah and Gayle,’ so was it then? I don’t think so, because that first kiss felt like a first kiss, back in episode twelve of last season.”

If Kristin were to guess, she thinks it may have been on the beach during that first episode of season six – you know the scene with Pam’s epic line: “I hate the beach. Fish piss and sand in your cooch.” Yeah, that would really set the mood!

As Kristin put it, “What I’m imagining is that it was fairly tender and intimate, because that moment on the beach is a vulnerable moment that Pam allows to happen, and they’re really bonding...this was a real first for Pam, to be vulnerable and have another human being – well, another being, another entity, comfort her. She’s only had that with Eric.”

Tender? Intimate? Somehow we imagined that a sex scene between Pam and Tara would involve whips, chains, and a safe word. How about you?