True Blood

True Blood’s Rob Kazinsky on “Explosive” Finale and “Broken” Characters in Season 7 — Exclusive Video

True Blood introduced new character Ben Flynn in Season 6, and in a shocking turn of events, he was revealed to be the seemingly-evil Warlow. However, he was there to save and woo Sookie Stackhouse, not kill her, and since coming to Bon Temps, has definitely found a place in her heart. When we caught up with Benlow's portrayer, Rob Kazinsky, at the Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con party over the weekend, he revealed that the "chains of will he holds himself back with sort of rust and break" when it comes to his powerful vampire side, and Sookie is the only one who can keep him calm and in check.

Check out the video above to see Rob dish about their relationship, plus the "explosive" Season 6 finale in which we will "lose so many people." He also teases Season 7, which has yet to be filmed, but will feature a "very shell-shocked and broken original grouping of characters."