True Blood’s Todd Lowe on Saying Goodbye and Favorite Show Memories — Exclusive
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True Blood

True Blood’s Todd Lowe on Saying Goodbye and Favorite Show Memories — Exclusive

True Blood Season 7’s June 22 premiere is just a few weeks away, but one beloved character who won't be joining in the fun is Terry Bellefleur (Todd Lowe), whose shocking Season 6 death still has us reeling a year later.

That memorable season hit stores today, June 3, with the True Blood: The Complete Sixth Season DVD and Blu-ray, which comes jam packed with bonus features. In preparation for the release, Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Todd Lowe, who on his feelings about Terry's departure almost a year later and reflected on his favorite moments from the series. He also explained why he believes True Blood became such a huge hit, and much more.

Wetpaint Entertainment: It's been a year. Are you still happy with the way Terry was written off?

Todd Lowe: It was a bit of a shocker when I got the call at the beginning of the season saying "we don't think Terry's going to make it through the year." But I was reassured by the producers and the writers, it has nothing to do with your performance or how well the character's been received. They said that we felt that we had to kind of up our game, and kill off a character that would have some consequence. And then they said that Terry seems to be a fan favorite, and we think we can get the most emotional milage out of kind of letting Terry go in a surprising way. I thought they handled it really well, it was a beautiful scene, they wrote me some very nice stuff. I went out on a high note.

True Blood’s Todd Lowe on Saying Goodbye and Favorite Show Memories — Exclusive
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How has the fan reaction been over the last year?

I've gotten a lot of support. I mean, granted, I would have liked to stay on the show until the end. I don't like to leave a party early and I was having such a good time, but it was nice. Like I said, I think they handled it with a lot of dignity and aplomb. The fans have been very supportive. I joined Twitter soon after that episode aired, and I got so much love. I couldn't be prouder of the way they wrote me out.

What was your favorite scene from Season 6?

All that stuff shooting the death scene with Arlene was really hard. That wasn't my last day of work because they came back in Episode 9, when they had my funeral, and they wrote me a bunch of really nice flashback stuff. I had that scene with Lafayette in the kitchen, and with Andy and Sam out on the dock fishing. The whole season was fun. I guess that Episode 9 I was surprised by "no, we're still using you." So I came back. It was probably my biggest episode to date.

Is there any chance we'll see you in Season 7, in flashbacks or the like?

That's something I don't know anything about. We're still shooting some episodes so we don’t know.

True Blood’s Todd Lowe on Saying Goodbye and Favorite Show Memories — Exclusive
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Looking back at the series as a whole, what's your favorite scene or memory?

My favorite scene that I got to shoot was when I had to have kind of an intervention with Andy, and we went out to Fort Bellefleur and had a gun shooting contest and we ended up in a fight. Shooting all that we shot it all in one day, but we rehearsed it for a few weeks prior. That felt like our own little movie in the True Blood world. That day out there on the ranch was probably my favorite moment. That and the stuff in Season 2 with the possession by Maryann. I came into Merlotte's and kind of led a band of rogue black eyed people and we overtook Sam. That was a lot of fun.

What would you wish for Arlene (Carrie Preston) going forward?

Well, I would hope that she wouldn't pick up her old habits and just hop on to the next man, because Arlene's had a few husbands. I would hope she would kind of honor her and Terry's union and relationship. I don't know what the writers are going to do with it, but I would hope that they wouldn't put her immediately with another guy and have Terry just be an afterthought.

True Blood is going into its seventh and final season. It's really impressive that it’s lasted so long. Why do you think it caught the public's attention the way it did?

You know there's been all kinds of theories on social metaphors, and I guess vampires being a minority that's discriminated against, and then coming out of a conservative administration throughout most of the 2000s. I can't really speak to that, I'm not educated enough or know enough about sociology and why it actually hit and resonated with people as it did. I mean, the whole decade was kind of about vampires. There was Twilight and that show over on The CW [The Vampire Diaries] and a lot of movies came out. I don't know. Maybe we all felt like we were getting the blood collectively sucked out of us and this was the artistic reaction. But I can't speak to that. That's just a theory.

True Blood’s Todd Lowe on Saying Goodbye and Favorite Show Memories — Exclusive
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Do you have other projects fans can look forward to?

Right now I'm doing a little writing, and I'm trying to get a show of my own on the air. I'll speak more about it once we get a little more momentum with it. I just finished a small press tour for a racing movie I was in called 50 to 1. It was a nice family film I was in, which was a good departure from True Blood, which is decidedly adult. And just waiting for the nice, next, plum role. It's hard to look at some other roles that just don't have as much meat as Terry Bellefleur did. So I'm kind of being selective and trying to pick something to kind of reinvent myself into a different character and surprise people, like, oh he can do that too! So I'm just looking for that next role

Any final thoughts?

I think that True Blood is going out at the right time. I think it's a respectable way to go out. Seven years is a long run and even though it's a very popular show I think they're going out with some dignity. Vampires don't age but actors do, and it's not like it's a cartoon where we can just keep everybody frozen. HBO's got other stuff coming up, but I'm proud to be a part of the show. It's kind of one of its flagship shows and I'm proud.

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