Trust Us! Why You Need to Watch ABC’s Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23
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Trust Us! Why You Need to Watch ABC’s Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23

We get it. It’s a fragile time in your life right now. All of your favorite shows are nearing their season finales, so it seems too soon to talk about getting into bed with another show — especially one you *gasp* barely even know.

Chill out, we’re pretty sure your DVR’s seen worse. (Three words: The Client List. Hey, we’re not judging!) But just hear us out: You may have heard rumblings of a new ABC comedy earlier this year, a show with an implicitly explicit title featuring Dawson James Van Der Beek!

It’s called Don’t Trust the B---- in Apt 23, and while you still may be on the fence, looking for a definitive answer to every remote control control freak’s biggest question — we’re here to tell you yes, yes you should "Season Pass" it (even though there are only a handful of eps left). And here are 5 reasons why:

1. James Van Der Beek plays...

James Van Der Beek! Well, he plays a douchier, self-absorbed version of himself (that people may believe is the way he really is — despite his protestations). In actuality, real-life James is redefining himself as an actor by playing an actor who is trying to redefine himself through a whole slew of cliched Hollywood techniques — from foreign films to Dancing With the Stars. It’s pretty amazing. The twist: He maintains a positive (some would say deluded) attitude when faced with various career challenges. (Like when an unfortunately placed billboard of yourself makes it look like a large Italian man is staring at your junk, you say? Why yes, that is indeed one of them.)

2. Spoiler alert: You *can* trust the “B” in Apt 23 (sometimes)

Though lead character Chloe (Krysten Ritter)’s scam in the pilot seems to be setting her up as a classic villain, it’s actually not that cut-and-dried. Once her roommate, June (Dreama Walker), a midwestern gal with major Catholic guilt who loses her job and her fiance in one fell swoop, comes into the picture, a complicated but endearing relationship plays out. And what’s better...

3. The side characters play equally hilarious roles

Let’s see, there’s:

- Chloe-obsessed neighbor Robin
- Masturbating creeper neighbor Eli
- Pathetic schmo (and June-adoring) corporate worker-turned-coffee shop manager Mark
- James’s snarky assistant/stylist/financial advisor (and aspiring screenwriter, natch!) Luther

4. The one-liners

Part silly, part genius, part offensive — entirely awesome. Here are some gems from the May 9 episode, “Making Rent”:

Chloe [to June]: “You’re like the midwestern Mother Theresa for pathetic people.”
Believe it or not, that was a compliment

James [on how tight his jeans are]: “If you want your a** to rock, your plums gotta pay the price.”
Two notes: 1) He named his line of jeans Beek Jeans (!) and 2) his a** does indeed rock.

Chloe: “I have a new nemesis. Luther has just replaced cheap tequila.”
Best new TV rivalry since Chloe vs. cheap tequila.

Chloe [to June]: “You’re being very judgmental right now. That’s not very Korean of you.”
Uh... you had to be there.

5. Season 2 = Dawson’s Creek Reunion?

Get ready to have your mind blown, because in a sit-down with TV Guide, James promised to make “a phone call” to his DC pal Michelle Williams if the series gets a shot at Season 2 (still TBD!!!). That doesn’t mean it’s a sure thing, but we have faith! And if Alicia Silverstone can take a break from pre-chewing her son’s food to make a cameo on her Clueless co-star Jeremy Sisto’s new show Suburgatory, then Michelle can take a break from being nominated for Oscars to share the small-screen with her Beek from the Creek.


If you start from the beginning of the series (shoutout to, you are guaranteed to hear the Dawson’s Creek theme song at least once. And unless you’re James Van Der Beek, we don’t know why you haven’t pressed the play button yet.

Don’t Trust the B---- airs Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.

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