This Turtlenecked Third-Grader Became a Super-Famous Actress! (PHOTO)

It's a pretty common item for kids born in the 1980s to have hanging around: a awkward school photo in a turtleneck. An earth-toned printed vest to go with it? Bonus points. So it only makes sense that this super-famous actress, now in her late 20s, would have a precious-awkward photo straight from our grandparents' mantles.

"Throwback to 3rd grade and vest," she captioned the picture, which also features a thin, metallic headband. Who is she?

Here's a hint: As many commenters point out, this lady totally looks like Dakota Fanning here. Dakota, while equally adorable, is about a decade younger than the actress pictured — although come to think of it, they look pretty similar today, too. They should totally work together more often! The only credit they share currently is the 2005 drama film Nine Lives, and they didn't even get any scenes together.

Have a guess handy? Click through to check your answer!

08.18.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Anne Lloyd
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