Bonnie Bennett & 7 Other Good TV Characters Gone Evil
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The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie Bennett & 7 Other Good TV Characters Gone Evil


She’s finally done it: Bonnie Bennett has turned evil.

OK, it was kind of out of her control, having inherited Rayna Cruz’s vampire huntress task, but it’s something we’ve been waiting for since the show began. After all, homegirl has been through quite a lot — you know, like dying five times or so.

This week’s episode — Season 7 Episode 21: “Requiem For a Dream” — features BonBon in full-on killing mode and, according to E! News, we should “absolutely” be worried that a beloved character will meet the pointy end of her stake.

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Take a look at some of our favorite good-turned-evil characters that came before her:

Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Being a regular hero of the Scooby Gang on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it was quite the twist when Willow Rosenberg went bad. While she normally used her powers for good, all hell broke loose after the death of her lover Tara Maclay and addiction to powerful magic.

Walter White from Breaking Bad

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Walter White was just your average chemistry teacher when, after finding out he had terminal cancer, he began producing his iconic blue crystal meth and became a major drug kingpin. He was super evil.

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Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time

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Season 5 of Once Upon a Time saw a major change when Emma Swan — the savior of the story — inherited The Dark One’s powers and turned evil. As Dark Swan, she wreaked havoc on everyone as she struggled with her new evil persona. Thank goodness that’s over.

Nancy Botwin from Weeds

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Prior to joining the pot business, Nancy Botwin was just your average suburban mom. Then, when she got involved in the trade — specifically when she left her comfy home behind and went to Mexico — things got iffy as she got more involved with the drug cartel.

Piper Chapman from Orange Is the New Black

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Piper Chapman was a normal woman who got involved in international drug smuggling thanks to girlfriend Alex Vause, landing herself in the slammer. Then, when she was trying to be the “nice” one in prison, she ended up getting involved in a gross panty-selling business. Then, to top it off, Piper framed Alex and had her sent to maximum security.

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Shane Walsh from The Walking Dead

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We’ll give Shane Walsh a pass for hooking up with his best friend’s wife — after all, he was presumed dead. But turning on your group in a post-apocalyptic world and trying to kill people? No. To be honest, he kinda deserved that bullet Rick Grimes put in him.

Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones

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Theon Greyjoy started the series as a loyal ward of the Starks, but it only took a little shaming from his cruel father to turn him against the people who raised him, capturing Winterfell and causing chaos and death in the place that had once been his home. Of course, he's paid for his sins 10 times over since then.

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