Jillian Harris

Which TV Personality Showed Off Her Pretty Pedicure on Barefoot Dog Walk?

Cute dog? Check. Glittery sidewalk? Check. Fancy pedicure showed off perfectly by means of barefoot-ness? Double check. (And hey, why is that sidewalk so dang pretty?)

We love a good free spirit hanging out on our televisions, entertaining us with her goofy sense of humor and incredible fashion. The girl in this pic showed off her hippie ways by taking her pooch for a walk au naturel — not like that, gosh!

Always the fashionista, she frequently posts her outfits on her personal blog, sharing tips with thousands of fans who have been following her since they first saw her accept a rose. But while she loves her dog, most of the pics she shares are with her hot live-in boyfriend.

Need another clue about who this is? Though she first showed up on TV years ago, she’s now on her fifth show on network television. We’d take tips from her on everything from love to bathroom decor — the latter which she gets paid big bucks to dish out!

Think you know who it is? Click through to see if you’re right!