9 TV Characters Who Would Make the Best College Roommates
The Chanels Coordinate Their Outfits in Scream Queens Episode 1
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9 TV Characters Who Would Make the Best College Roommates


While most people would kill to date their favorite TV character, living with them would probably be pretty awesome too!

As the fall semester rolls around, we can’t stop thinking about which fictional fave we would want as a college roommate.

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Take a look below to see if we picked any of your dream roomies.  

Carrie Bradshaw

Since Sex and the City went off the air in 2004, everyone’s realized Carrie Bradshaw is actually a pretty bad friend. Although, during her Carrie Diaries teen years, the fashionista was still awesome.

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Even though Carrie turned down her NYU acceptance, who’s to say she and Samantha Jones wouldn’t be open to a student roommate?

Stiles Stilinski

The Teen Wolf cutie is the ultimate sidekick, so he would be the perfect person to share a tiny dorm room with. Plus, Stiles would probably be happy to give you a ride in his Jeep.

Felicity Porter

If you’re the kind of person who loves relationship gossip — aka everyone — your (tea) cup would runneth over by living with Felicity.

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And you would even get the added benefit of seeing Noel and Ben all the time.

Eric Matthews and Jack Hunter

There would literally be nothing more fun than sharing an apartment with Boy Meets World’s second-best set of BFFs. And you might even get to date one of the Pennbrook University guys.

Asher Millstone

Yes, his nickname is Doucheface. Yet How to Get Away With Murder’s resident bro actually has a heart of gold and sweet digs thanks to all that family money. Dinner’s on Asher!

The Kappas

OK — murder does tend to follow around these Scream Queens sorority sisters.

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But by moving into the Kappa house you may receive a sweet makeover, invites to the coolest campus parties, and a boyfriend in the Dickie Dollar Scholars frat.  

Buffy Summers

If you roomed with the Vampire Slayer during her freshman year, she would have never had to deal with Kathy, the demon who was stealing her soul. Honestly this is more about protecting the Slayer than your happiness.

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Whitley Gilbert

Is there any TV character’s closet you would want access to more than Another World’s queen bee?

Blair Waldorf

... Oh, wait. Maybe.