Downton Abbey the Movie? Executive Producer Says Don’t Rule It Out
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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey the Movie? Executive Producer Says Don’t Rule It Out

Sometimes a single episode of Downton Abbey can feel almost cinematic. The sweeping shots, the complex storylines, the multitude of characters. All that’s missing are some credits rolling at the end and maybe another 30 minutes of film to make this worthy of the big screen. But an actual Downton Abbey movie? We thought that was a dream reserved only for our diaries.

Busy with shooting Season 5 of the show, executive producer Gareth Neame took some time away from set to chat with The Guardian. While Gareth is a pro at dodging questions that ask him to specifically address anything Downton, he did throw us a bone this time around (he must have been tired). When asked about rumors Downton might someday get the silver screen treatment, his answer was surprisingly direct.

“That’s been talked about,” he explains, adding that the concept isn’t “very live” currently since Season 5 is consuming the team’s total attention. “And I don’t anticipate Season 5 is the end of the show so we have more episodes of the TV show to make so it’s not a live idea but I wouldn’t rule it out at some point in the future.”

Our only concern? That this movie already exists and it’s called Gosford Park.

Would you watch a Downton Abbey movie? Just relieved to hear Season 5 won’t likely be the end? We’re all ears in the comments below.

Source: The Guardian

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